Air Show in Louisville, MS
By Mike Forster, Louisville-Winston County Airport

For the past several years, the Louisville-Winston County Airport (KLMS) has sponsored a major air show in the fall.  The event has grown each year, with more than 2,500 attendees at the 2016 “Wings over Winston” event.  Headliners of national renown like Greg Koontz, Randy Harris, Randy Henderson and Mississippians Jim Risher, Frank Kimmel, Carey Hardin and others have made the event a “must see” for the aviation enthusiasts of north central Mississippi and eastern Alabama.

This year’s event will headline Randy Henderson of Texas T-Cart fame.  Randy is a native of nearby Kosciusko, MS, and his aero acrobatics in the T-Cart will leave you breathless.  Mark Sorenson joins the show this year with one of the most high-energy comedy acts in the business.  Rounding out the show will be sky jumpers, rides in vintage aircraft and many more aerobatic acts.  In addition, there will be a broad mix of aircraft in the static display area, including a USAF Texan T-6 and support equipment from Columbus Air Force Base.

The show will open at 10 a.m. and conclude by 3 p.m.  Fly-ins are welcome but are encouraged to arrive prior to 9 a.m. so that parking in our transient area can be provided before the show begins.

For more information, contact Mike Forster at [email protected] or 610-703-4759.