Greenville Mid-Delta Airport Begins Safety Area Grading Project

Courtesy of Greenville Mid-Delta Airport

Greenville has begun a safety area grading project.

The Greenville Mid-Delta Airport recently welcomed Malouf Construction onto the airfield to begin work on a safety area grading project for Runway 18L/36R. The project was awarded under the Airport Improvement Program grant allotment for 2019. The grading project will remove ruts, humps and depressions from the runway safety area and make the area smoother and better able to support the weight of an aircraft that may depart the runway. 

“This project was very much needed for our Part 139 runway, as the grounds beside the runway have built up over time and made the surface less smooth,” notes Airport Director Sam Washington. “This project will correct that buildup and provide us with a much smoother and cleaner surface that will be optimal for aircraft safety in the future.” 

The project is slated to be completed by January 20 and will include removal and repositioning of grass and dirt along both sides and the end of the runway, as well as replanting of approved grasses to combat soil erosion and minimize wildlife intrusion in the runway area.