GTR Plans for a Busy Summer

Courtesy of Golden Triangle Regional Airport

Repaving one of GTR’s most-used ramps will keep transient aircraft, including military jets, on solid ground.

The Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR) has its plate full this summer with major infrastructure projects on the books. Thanks to the supplemental funding added to the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) last year, the airport will undertake a $4.3 million runway renovation project that involves repaving the entire 8,003’ x 150’ runway. A major undertaking under any circumstances, to keep the airport open and operating the majority of the work will be done at night with the runway closed.

“Anytime you take on a project like this your primary concern has to be the safe operation of the airfield,” said Airport Executive Director Mike Hainsey. “Thanks to the planning of our engineers and contractor, we’re confident we can do this and keep everything operating as it should.”

As if the runway project were not enough, the airport also has two other AIP-funded projects running concurrently with the runway construction. Replacement of the 20-year old runway lights with energy efficient LED lights will start at about the same time. This project will also require all the work to be done at night with the runway closed. In addition, the airport is repaving one of its most-used aircraft parking ramps to keep transient aircraft, especially the military jets, on solid ground.

The total cost for the construction is over $5.6 million, and funding will come from the FAA, MDOT and the airport.

“We appreciate the support of the FAA and MDOT for these crucial projects,” said Hainsey. “This will keep our infrastructure in great shape for the foreseeable future.”