Jackson Municipal Airport Authority a Winner in Canada

By Yolanda Clay-Moore, Manager, Public Relations & Customer Service
Jackson Municipal Airport Authority

The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) was a winner in Ottawa, Canada, at the ACI-NA’s Marketing & Communications Conference held November 14-16, 2018.  The Airports Council International – North America hosts the annual conference to explore emerging challenges and solutions in airport marketing and communications to position public relations and marketing professionals ahead of the curve.  The gala awards, held the last night of the conference, showcased airport staffs’ skills and talents in the area of marketing and public relations.

Brand Identity is the category JMAA conquered alongside Hollywood Burbank Airport and Huntsville International Airport.  Wilmington North Carolina International Airport received an honorable mention for its brand identity efforts.

“JMAA is proud of this accomplishment,” said CEO Carl D. Newman, A.A.E.  “It was a priority when I came on board because rebranding is important when a business implements a change or evolves.  The new brand was an aesthetic part of communicating a new vision.”

The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, the governing body of both the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport and Hawkins Field Airport, found itself in this position following the changing of the guard, as Newman was brought on as CEO.

JMAA dedicated its resources to producing new refreshed logos and introduced “Newman Blue,” representing more than a change of symbol, but a change in the organization’s path toward growth and innovation for the business.

Rebranding offered the organization a fresh start and an opportunity to establish public trust and confidence in the airports’ new leadership.  More importantly, it provided a fresh new look in a very competitive industry.

About the Rebranding Project

A comprehensive discovery process identified the elements of the new brand.  JMAA began by introducing new logos and a new color palette and created a marketing piece to engage the public.  For the marketing piece, the Authority partnered with an up and coming comedienne, Jackson’s Rita Brent, who has recently established herself on some major national stages.

The three logos produced illustrate two primary colors affectionately known as “Newman Blue.”  The light blue denotes “the illuminating day sky” and the dark blue represents “the luminous night sky.”  The two vivid colors highlight JMAA’s 24-hour operation.  A distinctive customized font was created with a silhouette of a jet and vapor trail formed by the negative space between the first and second letter of the logotype.  The Airplane soaring through the letters exhibits “transcendence” – a “rising above our competitors” – thus highlighting the airports’ upwardly mobile journey to “connect Jackson to the world.”  The unique custom font is contemporary, powerful and easily readable.  The curves and angles of the letters give the impression of movement and energy, reinforcing the vapor trail shape.

Rita Brent, because she is homegrown and garnering national attention, was just the right ingredient to be the voice of change in the rebranding strategy – after all, according to Mark Twain, humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.  JMAA partnered with Spot-On Productions to produce five 60-second videos that reinforce the messaging, the logo and color palette.  Internal and external newsletters were also produced.