Increased Leisure Travel Leads to Higher Flight Frequencies at JAN Amid COVID-19

Courtesy of Jackson Municipal Airport Authority

The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) is seeing a steady increase in air travel at Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JAN) since the impact of COVID-19 in early April 2020.  As at all airports around the U.S. and globally, the effects of COVID-19 have significantly impacted air travel and have altered air travel policies for airport and airline employees and passengers for the foreseeable future.

Quite naturally, JMAA has seen passenger numbers decrease from those of last year.  More specifically, at this time last year, passenger boarding numbers were as many as 1,400 per day, whereas today those numbers are in the 450-550 daily range.

While the enplanements in April 2019 were at 1,400, there were fewer than 100 passengers per day in April, down at least 96 percent.  Also during that month, JAN flight frequencies were as low as four daily flights a day, down 85 percent.

Since then, flights have increased by up to 200 percent with 11 or 12 daily flights depending on the day of the week.  This month, JMAA reports 13 departing flights, which is the highest number of departing flights at JAN since COVID-19 began impacting air travel.

Remaining in compliance with CDC, federal, state and local health and safety mandates, JMAA has implemented measures to keep all passengers, customers, tenants and employees safe during the COVID-19 era.  Those measures include: installation of hand sanitizers throughout JAN and Hawkins Field Airport; health and safety signage and announcement reminders throughout airports and via social media; floor decals to illustrate practicing six feet of social distancing; complimentary facemasks for passengers who do not have face coverings for travel and plexiglass shields at every airline ticket counter and car rental counter.