Louisville Installs New Weather Reporting System
By Michael Forster, President
Louisville-Winston Airport Authority

At the Louisville-Winston County Airport, we recently installed a new on-the-field, on demand, advisory weather reporting system.  Pilots can access real time weather on the field by simply clicking their Mic buttons 4 times on the UNICOM frequency for KLMS (122.7).  The system provides a clear audio response from as much as 25 nautical miles away with wind speed and direction, wind gusts, density altitude, temperature, dew point and barometric pressure.  The system is called “SayWeather,” and more information can be found at www.sayweather.com.

I installed the system myself in about 3 hours and found it quite easy to get going.  For small GA airports, I believe there is no better alternative, as the total cost of the system is less than $4,000.