Louisville-Winston County Airport Manager Honored
By Joseph McCain

Bob Langley on the new observation deck that bears his name.

Bob Langley was recognized at an EAA fly in at the Louisville-Winston Airport earlier this year for his 35 years of volunteer service to the airport and to aviation.

The new observation deck at the Pruett Lee Terminal Building was dedicated in Langley’s honor during the ceremony. Many of those present spoke of Bob’s contributions over the years, often with the comment that Bob got them started in aviation. Louisville-Winston Airport Board President Mike Forster made note that it was Bob who got him hooked on general aviation.

Mike pointed out that Bob’s service as airport manager over the past 5 years has been a difference maker. Bob meets incoming flights, assists with tie down and fueling and generally makes visitors feel special. Dr. Mark Donald, a local aviator, recounted several stories of Langley’s service over the years, remarking that Bob, “has the heart to help”.

It was a great day for an EAA fly-in and a special day for Bob, knowing there was to be a permanent reminder of his many years of service.