Runway Extension Nears Completion

By Mike Forster, President
Louisville-Winston Airport Authority

In 2019, the Louisville-Winston County Airport (KLMS) was selected as one of only three airports in the state of Mississippi to receive a special supplemental grant for airport improvement.  The grant, which totals nearly $5.4 million, will allow for extension of the runway by 151 feet to the south and alleviate a line of sight problem with the existing runway elevations.  Work will also be done on the northwest end of the airport property to improve the safety of runoff areas, eliminate some unstable terrain features and enhance storm water drainage.  In addition, new runway LED lighting will be installed, and the entire 4,700 feet of runway will be resurfaced with new markings.

The work is progressing rapidly with recent good construction weather as seen in the photos.  A total of 250,000 cubic yards of fill material is being sourced from 65 acres of property to the west that was recently acquired by the airport authority.  The general contractor estimates the runway extension work will be completed by mid to late October, allowing jet aircraft to once again take off and land at KLMS.  The airport will remain open for propellor driven light aircraft and turboprops during most of the construction.