MDOT Report
By Tommy Booth; Director, MDOT Aeronautics

FY2017 MDOT Aeronautics Recap: The past year was a busy year.  We issued 42 matching grants totaling $1,303,570 and 15 multimodal grants at $3,370,727.  Throughout the year, a total of 209 reimbursement requests were processed totaling $5,373,450.  These requests were for projects ranging from FY2013 through FY2017.  Fifty-seven grants were closed out over the year, leaving 110 projects open.  We completed 69 airport inspections, noting 200 discrepancies.  Most of these were lighting issues and trees in the approaches.  Five airports had no discrepancies reported.

 FAA Matching Grants: We are in the process of preparing the matching grants for the FY2017 FAA project year.  This year, we will be participating in 49 projects for just over $1,318,000.  We anticipate presenting this list to the Mississippi Transportation Commission on September 26 for approval.  We will have the grants ready to mail out after that.

FY2017 NASAO Conference: This year, our neighbors in Alabama are hosting the 86th National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) Annual Conference.  The conference will be held September 10-13 at the Marriott in Point Clear.  This is always an informative conference by allowing the opportunity to network with my colleagues in other states.  The agenda is focused on (1) state funding structures for airport improvement projects, (2) issues pertaining to unmanned aerial systems integration, and (3) modernization of the air traffic control system.  The conference will finish up with sessions on land use at airports and aviation system plan techniques, closing out with a tour of the Airbus facility in Mobile.  I will provide a report in the next newsletter.