MDOT Report
By Tommy Booth, Director, MDOT Aeronautics

New Employee:  For those of you who were unable to attend the MAA conference in April, I announced that Heather Brown has joined the Aeronautics Division as our Administrative Assistant. Yes, we have two Heathers in our office now! She will be answering our phones and taking care of scanning/filing and other office duties, while Heather Grippando will continue to handle the project reimbursement requests.

FY2019 Airport Multimodal Program:  Our office accepted multimodal applications up until 4 p.m. on Friday, April 20. We received 36 applications totaling just over $9.6 million. The airport multimodal committee met on May 30 to review and finalize the list of projects for FY2019. The committee’s average rankings resulted in 20 applications that will be funded with the available $3.4 million, pending final approval by the Mississippi Transportation Commission. Our intent was to have the final list on the June 12 Commission agenda; however, this has been pushed to the June 26 meeting. Once the list is approved, the Commissioners will notify the successful applicants in their respective districts via mail. Our office will follow up with mailing out the grants and deadline on when to return the executed copies for final execution.

Airport Inspections:  David Lowery completed the FAA 5010 airport inspections for FY2018 a few weeks ago. Of the 69 airports inspected, eleven had no discrepancies reported. The majority of the discrepancies at the other airports consisted of lights either burned out or fixtures knocked over. Other discrepancies included those related to pavement cracking/condition, windsocks, edge drop-offs along the runways and grass needing to be cut. I appreciate your cooperation with David during these inspections and look forward to starting the process again for FY2019 this coming October.