MDOT Report

By Tommy Booth, Director
MDOT Aeronautics

Multimodal Update:  As I reported at the MAA Conference, we received 43 applications for the airport multimodal program. The committee members reviewed the applications prior to the committee meeting in early June. At this time, I cannot say who the successful applicants are, but we did have a record number of applications that fell within the funds available. The list will be presented to the Mississippi Transportation Commission at its June 25th meeting for final approval. After that, the unsuccessful applicants will be notified immediately by letter from our office. The successful applicants will receive a letter from their respective commissioner congratulating them, followed later by the grant agreement.

FAA 5010 Airport Inspections:  We have completed the airport inspections for FY2019. Of the 69 airports inspected, eleven (11) had no discrepancies reported. This is a little below average. There are usually 12 to 14 airports with no issues found. Most of the discrepancies reported at the other airports dealt with runway and taxiway lights being out (29) and obstructions penetrating the approach surfaces (17). We will begin the FY2020 inspections around November.