MDOT Report
By Tommy Booth; Director, MDOT Aeronautics

Annual Conference:  We had a great conference this year in Bay St. Louis!  I would like to thank Bill Cotter and his staff, as well as Kathy Kenne and Kirsten Shaw with MAA for putting on a very informative meeting.  I can’t remember having such a wide variety of topics dealing with all sorts of aviation topics.  We could not have had this conference without our sponsors and exhibitors – thank you for your support of MAA!  I know a lot of you were not able to attend this year.  I look forward to seeing you next year in Jackson!

FY2018 Airport Multimodal Program:  As I reported at the annual conference, we received 37 applications totaling $8,603,629.  The airport committee met on May 10th to review the applications.  We had $3,400,000 for FY2018, plus an additional $69,789 in carryover funds.  Our goal was to present the list to the MS Transportation Commission for final approval on May 23rd; however, we had to postpone this due to MDOT not having an approved budget for FY2018.  The budget was approved on June 5th, so we received approval at the June 13 commission meeting.  There were some great projects, but unfortunately we could only fund 19 of the 37 applications.

Project submittals:  Because of the lack of file storage, we requested that paper and electronic copies of the plans and specifications be submitted to us.  I appreciate those who have already sent them electronically, but if you haven’t done so, please get those files to us.  Also, we are missing the key documents (consultant agreements, bid tabs, contract documents) for many of the multimodal projects.  These are required before the projects can be audited.  Please get those documents to us throughout the project to avoid any delays in receiving the final reimbursement.