MDOT Report

By Tommy Booth, Director
MDOT Aeronautics

Multimodal Report:  As I reported in the last e-newsletter, the multimodal committee reviewed and scored 43 applications. MDOT allocated $10,000,000 toward the overall multimodal program, of which 34% was available for airports, or $3,400,000. We also had $120,215 in remaining funds from prior year projects, making the total amount available $3,520,215. Based on the committee’s average scores, a record 23 requests fell within the available funds. We received authorization from the Mississippi Transportation Commission to issue grants to those airports on June 25.

FAA Matching Grants:  Our office has issued 23 matching grants for the FAA FY2019 projects. We had another 15 projects on the August 13 agenda for the Mississippi Transportation Commission; however, there were some questions that arose, so the list was postponed until the September 10 meeting. Once the FAA issues their remaining grants, we anticipate having the balance of our grants approved at the September 24 Commission meeting. If you have received your FAA grant and have not received the MDOT match, do not worry! We will have those to you as soon as we get authorization.

FY2020 FAA Pre-Applications:  The FAA deadline for pre-applications for the FY2020 program year is November 4, 2019. Instead of mailing these directly to the FAA-Airport District Office, airports are requested to submit three (3) sets of originals to the MDOT Aeronautics Division, and in turn, we will forward two sets to the FAA for processing. MDOT doesn’t have a formal pre-app process, so the copy that we keep serves as the pre-app for the MDOT matching share. If the pre-apps are sent directly to the FAA, we don’t have any way of knowing what to budget for our program year. If you have any questions, please let me know!