MDOT Report

By Tommy Booth, Director
MDOT Aeronautics

At this time, I am getting ready to attend my first virtual NASAO annual conference. This week, I was supposed to be attending the conference in Greenville, SC, but because of the COVID crisis, we had to go virtual this year. I’m glad we are able to proceed with the meetings, but it’s so hard not being able to have the face to face exchanges with colleagues from other states.

In the last report, I mentioned that we were seeking Commission approval to provide the full local match for the Supplemental Appropriation Grants. We were successful, and to date, we have issued two of the four grants planned for this fiscal year.

I know many of you are wondering about the status of the multimodal program. MDOT leadership is keeping an eye on the incoming revenue from gasoline taxes to make sure all of the regular programs can be funded. The multimodal program is funded from a portion of these dollars. The leadership will revisit the funding levels by the end of the year, and hopefully we can move forward with the program.

Speaking of revenue, our aviation fuel revenue is taking a hit. The aviation gasoline and jet fuel taxes are down about 10 percent compared to last year. Compared to the average over about 10 years, we are down about 40 percent. Airport parking taxes are down close to 70 percent. At this time, we don’t know if another stimulus is coming from Washington to provide 100 percent on FY2021 FAA projects. I am reaching out to the MDOT Budget Division to make sure we can provide next year’s match if there is no additional stimulus funding.

Hopefully there will be better news in the next report!