MDOT Report

By Josh Stubbs, Director
MDOT Aeronautics

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and, on behalf of the Aeronautics Division of MDOT, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! It was a pleasure meeting so many people at the Mississippi Airports Association annual meeting. It was also nice to get back to an in-person meeting after what seems like an eternity of virtual ones. I am certain that a ton of work went into pulling off the annual meeting, so I would especially like to thank all of those involved for doing such a great job!

The passenger enplanement figures through September were available at the time of the conference, and they were showings signs of rebounding from 2020. October’s numbers continued that trend at 92,612 versus 92,147 for 2019. While complete figures from November were not available at press time, the early signs are promising. The airport parking tax revenues are still lagging behind previous fiscal years, but the aviation fuel tax revenues are stronger than normal. At the current pace, it is reasonable to expect collections to approach $2 million for the fiscal year.

We have recently begun the FAA 5010 Airport Inspections. We are scheduled to inspect 69 airports like normal. David Lowery will be reaching out to schedule his visits if he has not already. Each year, David starts in the northern part of the state and works his way south. The based aircraft numbers are an important part of the inspection, so please have that information on hand so we can update the database accordingly.