Greetings MAA members,

As I write this in February, we have just been able to reopen our runways due to the winter storms that came through the Deep South. I have to say that I haven’t seen snow and ice like that since 1989 when I still lived in my hometown of Yazoo City. Thankfully, everything is clear now, and Greenville Mid-Delta Airport suffered no major damage that can be seen. I pray that all of our other airports in the state fared the same.

We are in the beginning stages of a new presidential administration, and some good news has already come out with the awarding of additional grant funds to airports as part of a COVID-19 relief bill. I know that these funds will be very helpful to our airports as we continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic on travel throughout the country. Here’s hoping that we will continue to have a favorable relationship moving forward with our legislators in Washington and at the state level.

Our board met virtually a few weeks ago, and we were able to approve a new service agreement with Kathy Kenne to continue serving in her role as Executive Director. We are very proud to have Kathy and Kirsten still working with us to keep the MAA functioning smoothly. We also approved some new financial measures that were presented by our Treasurer, Mike Forster, to ensure that we are fiscally sound in every way. Finally, we made a decision to move our annual conference to the fall of the year to allow more time for COVID remediation. More information will follow in the coming weeks and months.

Keep up the great work, everyone, and let’s continue to promote the MAA to all our airports in the state. Until next time, “Blue Skies and Tail Winds!”

Sam Washington
Mississippi Airports Association