Jackson, MS

Dear members of the Mississippi Airports Association and fellow aviation professionals,

Our Annual Conference, April 4th through 6th, promises not only the great agenda put together by the conference committee, but we’ll all also have an opportunity to learn from others what was taught at the 2018 FAA Southern Region Airport Conference being held days before (April 2nd through 4th).

Jackson, MS, is an extremely accessible location for anyone interested in airports in Mississippi.  JMAA Airport Director Carl Newman invites all to come back to Jackson on May 9, 2018, as they host Aviation Industry Day.

Your Board of Directors has been busy overseeing the affairs of the organization and monitoring the welfare of our members.  Financially the Association is strong.  We continue to provide student scholarships and have expanded to include reimbursing airports for internships.  We thank GTR Airport Director Mike Hainsey for his work putting this program together.  Legislative oversight continues as well.  Your Directors have monitored State and Federal legislation affecting airports and responded as appropriate.

As this will be my last Presidential message, I will take to opportunity to thank Ms. Kathy Kenne, Executive Director of the Mississippi Airports Association, and Ms. Kirsten Shaw.  Those who have come before me know, and those yet to serve on this Board will learn, these ladies keep this organization progressing forward.  We have had a diverse Board of Directors over the years that I have learned and continue to learn from.  For that I am grateful.  I thank this Board and our members for making this such a great organization.  Exciting things are to come as Mr. Sam Washington assumes the Presidency.

Wishing you all blue skies and tailwinds,



Bill Cotter
Mississippi Airports Association