Greetings MAA members,

Wow, winter has been doing its thing over the past few weeks. Snowstorms in the Midwest and the East, flooding in California, tornadoes and flooding in the Southeast; OH MY!! We also had a flooding event at the Greenville Mid-Delta Airport, but thankfully no buildings were damaged as the flooding was contained in parking lots and apron areas. We will be happy to see some warmer and drier days for sure!

I hope that everyone is making plans to attend the MAA Conference in Natchez, MS, May 15-17. We are setting up a great line of presenters, and we expect the conference to be very informative and entertaining. If you know of an airport in your area that has historically not been a part of the conference, give them a call or send them a message and invite them to attend also. We want to grow our association and our conference, and it takes all of us to make that happen. Let’s also keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities to support one another with projects and events at our individual airports. Be sure to send out the word if you have a fly-in, airshow, pancake breakfast or other event happening at your airport so that others can come and participate. We all benefit by helping each other.

Let me take this opportunity to invite any of you who may be in the area to come and check out our new airport restaurant, the Airport Café. We held our grand opening on Monday, March 4, and I have an article following in this edition.

We will see you at the conference in May!!

Sam Washington
Mississippi Airports Association