Greetings MAA members,

Well, spring has sprung into summer, and along with the seasons has come the usual weather, pollen and insects. I hope that none of our Mississippi airports have suffered any damage of any type during this time. It is good to see that the news on COVID-19 is trending in a positive direction after a year of mask wearing, hand washing, sanitizing and untimely illnesses and death throughout the state and nation. We are on the rebound. Let’s keep it moving in the right direction.

Retiring MDOT Aeronautics Director Tommy Booth

This will be the last newsletter before the retirement of our State Aeronautics Director, Tommy Booth. I first met Tommy when I joined the organization in 2007 while serving on the Airport Board of the Cleveland Municipal Airport. Tommy has always been a valuable and valued member of our Association and has served the state well in his role with MDOT. Our Mississippi airports have benefitted greatly from the multi-modal fund, and Tommy has led that program superbly. We will certainly miss his updates and inputs at the annual conference and to airports individually throughout the year. Best wishes, Tommy, on your retirement, and please stay in touch with us at the MAA!

Lastly, we rescheduled the annual conference until the fall of the year. More information will be coming to you in the upcoming weeks and months. Please do your best to attend this year’s conference and invite your city/county/commission leaders to attend as well. Let’s make this conference as successful as any that we have held in the past. Until next time, blue skies and tailwinds!!

Sam Washington
Mississippi Airports Association