Hello fellow MAA members!

As I write this, the dog days of summer are upon us, and the stormy weather that accompanies it has made its presence known. I recently saw a post on social media about an aircraft at one of our Mississippi airports that was caught up in a violent storm and damaged while tied down on the ramp. That led me to start thinking about tie-down safety and the associated potential liabilities that can come with aircraft that are tied down on our airports.

Many of us may not have experienced having a tenant’s airplane damaged by a storm while tied down at our field, but it is an ever-present threat here in the South. For that cause, we should take a good look at our tie-down agreements and ensure that we have adequately addressed the airport’s limits of liability and the requirements that the aircraft owner must meet in order to tie their aircraft on our ramps. Tiedowns are very convenient and can be cost effective for aircraft owners, but the potential for liability does exist with these arrangements. Let us be proactive in making sure that we do not expose our airports and ourselves to unnecessary liability while trying to be aviation friendly. If any of you have what you feel or know to be strong tiedown agreements, be sure to share them with the group so that we all can be as accommodating as we can to our pilot friends while keeping ourselves out of potential legal turmoil. Check those agreements!!

Sam Washington
Mississippi Airports Association