Preventive Maintenance for Fueling Operations
By Shelby Jackson, Rebel Services

Rebel Services’ Johnny Breland, master electrician, and Tommy James, sales and service, inspect a prover trailer used for meter calibrations.

These days, airports – especially small or mid-sized ones – have to run more efficiently than ever to provide the best service to their customers and remain competitive.  An effective preventive maintenance program for your fueling operation can help ensure consistency and economy.

What should you look for in a preventive maintenance program service provider?

  • A company that will recognize your particular needs and develop a plan customized to meet them
  • Completion of all yearly maintenance items in a single call, resulting in cost savings and a smoother running operation
  • Technicians who are proactive in identifying problems with fuel farms and trucks and can provide a complete report to customers on items that need attention
  • A company with attention to detail and a focus on service. For example, in addition to performing tank inspections, filter changes and meter calibrations, Rebel Services technicians will also set clock gauges for customers while on site.

A longtime provider of aviation fueling equipment, service, installation and repair, Rebel Services has implemented a new preventive maintenance program.  We can not only offer our customers the best deals possible for yearly filter changes, meter calibrations, tank inspections and truck inspections, but we can also help you get ahead of the game by taking care of all your annual maintenance at once.  Rebel Services would welcome the opportunity to help improve the efficiency of your airport’s fueling operation.

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