Stennis International Airport Hangar Expansion Project

By Lisa Monti
Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission

The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission (HCPHC) is building two hangars at Stennis International Airport to increase aircraft storage capacity and expand services to our customers.  The new hangars are located near the terminal building and will be ready for occupancy in 2021.

The Restore Hangar will have 24,000 square feet of space and is scheduled to be completed by March 2021.  The Corporate Hangar has 10,000 square feet of hangar space and also will include 2,000 square feet of office space.  Construction is expected to be completed by July 2021.  HCPHC seeks to develop a third hangar for general aviation with 6,175 feet.  All three hangars will be adjacent to or within 500 feet of the terminal.

HCPHC, Hancock County’s economic development authority, is seeking long-term leases for the hangar space at Stennis Airport, which it owns and operates along with Port Bienville Industrial Park.  Stennis is a general aviation airport and is certified Class IV under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 139.  The airport has a 8,497 x 150-foot runway and full-length parallel taxiway.  Million Air, the fixed-base operator, provides full services to based and transient customers.  Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Index A Coverage with increased capability is available 24/7, and Class D Air Traffic Control Services are provided daily between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Stennis International will soon be home to Pearl River Community College’s Aerospace Academy and will join the training aviation and aerospace training initiatives along with a Part 61 flight school and a Part 141 flight school already operating at the airport.  HCPHC officials are generating a culture of aviation that is taking off and invite interested partners to join in their effort to support the aviation industry by providing a pipeline of aviation and aerospace careers in Hancock County, Mississippi.

Two new hangars are being built at Stennis International Airport.