Stennis International Airport to Investigate Spaceport Feasibility
By Bill Cotter, Chief Operating Officer
Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission

Flight profile for a horizontal launch at Stennis

The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission, owner/operator of Stennis International Airport, has engaged RS&H to conduct a Spaceport Feasibility Study.  The Commission has done an initial review of available interim guidance and industry best practices to determine the current feasibility of accommodating a potential Spaceport.

The airport’s 8,500′ runway and taxiway system lie within the acoustical buffer zone of the John C. Stennis NASA Space Center.  The existing airfield infrastructure is capable of supporting most horizontal takeoff and landing space vehicles existing and proposed in the commercial space industry.  The study will include strategic vision and objectives, KHSA high-level spaceport operations concept and explosive sighting, consideration, airspace review and coordination with stakeholders.