Jets Return to Tupelo

By Cliff Nash, Executive Director
Tupelo Regional Airport

On April 1, passengers of Tupelo Regional Airport will return to having jet service when Contour Airlines changes over to Embraer regional jets (ERJ). The 30-seat aircraft boasts an impressive 36-inch pitch seating arrangement, two inches more than Jet Blue airline, according to Ricky Radka, Senior Content & Deal Strategist, Airfare Watchdog, in his article, “Wild Pitch: U.S. Airlines with the Most Legroom in Economy…and the Least”: “…JetBlue touts itself as having the most legroom of any U.S. airline with a pitch of 32-33 inches. While that is still generous among most American carriers, just a few years ago JetBlue was offering an industry-leading 34 inches on all of its A320 airplanes….”

Although the number of daily flights drops from five to three, the ERJ will provide an additional 9,360 seats, allowing up to a 20 percent increase in passenger growth for 2019. The expansive legroom combined with the ERJ’s larger size, speed and addition of a flight attendant will greatly enhance the passenger’s overall travel experience. The anticipated pricing will continue to offer the “web special” fare and the current rates for the various types of tickets.

As Contour Airlines continues to grow its network and connect city-pairs, the future is bright and exciting. Added destinations, inter-line agreements and elimination of essential air service dependency, once dreams, are now possibilities.  And that’s no April Fools’!