Greenville Mid-Delta Airport Continues to Make Improvements

Courtesy of Greenville Mid-Delta Airport

The Greenville Mid-Delta Airport is continuing to make progress with improvements at the airport, with several projects underway or about to begin. Runway 18L/36R is undergoing a crack seal and re-marking project that should be completed by early 2023. This project will ensure that small cracks that have developed in the runway will not progress to the point of being out of compliance with FAA Part 139 standards. Additionally, the runway markings are being removed and repainted, which will remove stains left by the wheels of landing aircraft and improve the overall look of the runway. This project is being funded through an AIP grant from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Airport also secured multi-modal funding from MDOT for fiscal years 2021 and 2022 to update the electrical system in its largest corporate hangar for an existing client and to complete the final phase of a potable water project that will ensure that there is clean, safe water available for use by the airport and its customers. The electrical project will get underway in the next few weeks, and the potable water project was begun in November.

“These projects are part of an overall effort to update and improve buildings and infrastructure that have been in place for many decades,” notes Airport Director Sam Washington. “This will help to make the airport a more viable economic asset for the city of Greenville and will foster future job creation and growth for the airport and the community. I am excited about the future potential to draw corporate and general aviation customers to the facility to increase the revenue stream and bring the airport toward self-sufficiency. We expect each of these projects to be completed by the spring of 2023, with other projects to follow in short order.”