Golden Triangle Regional Airport Offers TSA Precheck Enrollment

Courtesy of Golden Triangle Regional Airport

For those in northeast Mississippi wishing to enroll in the TSA PreCheck program, Golden Triangle Regional Airport will be hosting their sixth enrollment event Monday, March 27, through Friday, March 31. Hours will be 9 a.m.-12 noon and 1 p.m.-5 p.m. each day. The enrollment center will be in the Passenger Terminal on the second floor. The event is open to anyone, but appointments are highly recommended and have priority over walk-ins.

Enrollment in the program means a traveler will be allowed to pass through expedited security check-in at more than 180 airports across the U.S. That translates to not having to remove shoes, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids bags, belts and jackets.

Enrollment is for five years, making the $78 fee the equivalent of paying less than $20 per year.

“We’re offering this service to travelers in our area because the nearest enrollment centers are in Birmingham and Greenville,” says Golden Triangle Regional Airport Executive Director Matt Dowell. “Holding this enrollment event at GTR Airport will make it easier for those in Northeast Mississippi and West Alabama to participate in the TSA PreCheck program. We’re glad to be able to serve our community in this way.”

The 10-minute application process must be done in person at GTR Airport. Individuals will be fingerprinted and have background checks run. Pending a clear background check, an applicant will receive notice from TSA within 30 days that he or she is enrolled in the TSA PreCheck program and has been assigned a Known Traveler Number. Your Known Traveler Number should be provided to any travel company booking a flight for you, or it can be saved into your profile on each airline’s website. When you book directly with an airline, it will populate your reservation. The number will be embedded in the barcode on your boarding pass presented at security check-in.

To pre-enroll in the program and to make an appointment at the same time, log on to and click the PreCheck banner. Although walk-ins are allowed, appointments are recommended to ensure being seen.