By Josh Stubbs, Director
MDOT Aeronautics

The FY 2024 multimodal application cycle officially kicked off on March 1, with applications due on March 31. The current schedule has the Multimodal Committee meeting in mid-May. The goal is to have the project awards on the agenda for approval by the Mississippi Transportation Commission on May 23. That way, when state fiscal year 2024 starts on July 1, the grant agreements will be executed and ready for the notice to proceed.

David Lowery is working his way through the FAA 2010 Airport Inspections. As of this writing, he has completed approximately 40 of them. If he hasn’t made his way to your airport yet, he will soon!

Revenue is looking strong through the first five months of state fiscal year 2023. Sales tax on parking is at $362,000, and fuel taxes have brought in $618,000. That total of $980,000 is the highest in at least the last five years. Hopefully that trend continues as the fiscal year progresses.