New Aerospace Company Skydweller Set for Flight at Stennis International Airport

By Austin Jenkins, Airport Director
Stennis International Airport

A new, exciting aviation technology has arrived at the Stennis International Airport. Oklahoma City-based Skydweller US has chosen Stennis to base its test operations for its mission to convert a previously manned aircraft to an unmanned aircraft – making it the one of the largest UASs in the world at 83 feet in length, with a wingspan of approximately 240 feet. This aircraft is completely solar powered and able to sustain flight for weeks, if not months, at a time. Its ability to remain at altitude for extended periods of time sets it apart from others. This technology and aircraft could have many different applications including public, private and defense uses.

Skydweller is actively involved in efforts to relocate its test operations to Stennis. The company plans to hire upward of 35 personnel and is working with local, state and federal officials and other entities to support its operations at Stennis. Skydweller will be located on the northeast end of the airfield and expects its first operation to occur in early 2024.